Sunday, November 30, 2014

Epilepsy Awareness Month Day 30: Q & A with Robert and Trish (Part 2)

It is the last day of Epilepsy Awareness Month!  I have learned so much from Robert this month and hope we helped others learn about epilepsy and about Robert. 

I am very grateful to everyone for watching the videos, reading the posts and supporting all of us in our mission to raise awareness not just about epilepsy but about the long-term effects of uncontrolled seizures. Robert, Richard and I greatly appreciate your support.

The last few questions were all for Robert and he took his job of answering them very seriously. (Of course, there were laughs and dogs thrown in as well.)

Question from Rachel: If you didn’t have epilepsy, what job would you want to have?

Robert thought about this and decided he wanted to work in an office but not in insurance sales (sorry, Dad).  Robert thinks he would have worked with numbers, like Other Brother.

Question from Rich:  What does it feel like to have a seizure? 

Robert talked more about the aura he feels before a seizure and how he is sometimes able to “fight them off.”  I have no doubt Robert has the strength to do this!

Question from Rich: What would you have done with your life if you didn’t have epilepsy?

Robert thinks he would like to read the bible more. He also mentioned wanting a book from Dr. Charles Stanley (a church program he watches every Sunday).  I guess I know what someone is getting for Christmas!

Question from Pegi:  How do you manage to stay excellent most of the time with all of your challenges? What advice would you give to other chronically ill people on how to maintain such a positive attitude?

Robert’s answers to both of these questions should surprise absolutely no one.  Prayer is what helps Robert and is what he recommends others do as well.  (Robert probably should have been a pastor!)

Question from Richard: How do you do fight off a seizure? 

Robert’s answer – he uses his strength and prays. 

Yep, Pastor Robert has a very good ring to it. 

Thank you again for watching, reading and supporting us this month. I hope we accomplished the goal of explaining the impact epilepsy has had on Robert.  It has been significant but it definitely has not been all bad as one might have expected. 

Special thanks to Robert for sharing his life with us.

Epilepsy Awareness Month may end today but our mission continues.  Please help us spread epilepsy awareness and education by sharing these videos and talking about epilepsy.

Thank you!   

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