Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Epilepsy Awareness Month Day 18: Caregiving as a Team

Richard and I have been together for 18 years and raised three kids together (two his, one mine, although we just call this “family”). Even though we have different parenting styles (mine is better, of course, if only because I am the one writing this), we managed to get the kids to adulthood with very little need for therapy. 

Enjoying respite time
That’s a win.

Now, Richard and I care for Robert.  We still have different styles in caring for him but we do a pretty good job of dividing duties and making sure Robert is healthy, happy and safe.  We are actually at our best during a crisis which, actually, I’m not sure what that means about us but I don’t have time to analyze it. 

The impact of epilepsy on Robert extends to us, too.

We are certainly not perfect and we do have our days where we need some quiet time before we lose our minds (okay, probably me more than Richard) but what we do works for us.

Tonight, we’re dealing with Robert being sick so this is going to be a quick post (we shot the interview last weekend).  As soon as we realized Robert was wheezing, shivering and having trouble breathing, we fell into our “crisis mode.” We got Robert into pajamas, into bed, a call into the doctor, on his oxygen, medicated, vitals taken and symptoms logged – pretty much without needing to say anything.

It isn’t always easy but we manage to get everything done and even have a few laughs every now and then. 

That’s a win too.

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