Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Epilepsy Awareness Month Day 4: Just Two Guys Talking

Our trip to Anaheim for the 2nd Annual Epilepsy Awareness Day in Disneyland is here! In fact, Richard, Robert and I are sitting in our hotel room right now and as soon as I finish this post and Richard has rested and Robert gets all of his jewelry back (I took some off to make it easier to get through security and he is anxious to have it back on), we’re venturing outside. 
Robert gets the window seat!

A few weeks ago I filmed Robert and Richard talking about how it is for Robert to live with us and how it is for Richard to have his brother-in-law living with us. 

This is not that video . . .

Instead I am posting the video I shot after that one.  Robert didn’t know I turned the camera back on so it was just him and Richard being their goofy selves. 

Completely appropriate now that we’re in the Happiest Place on Earth and will most likely run into Goofy!

So, I know you're dying to know: How is this related to the theme this month of The Impact of Epilepsy on Robert? 

I think it pretty much shows that epilepsy is always present and can always throw a wrench into the day (like on Sunday) but that most days we are just living our life and making the most of it! (An observation made by my dear friend Kathy who has lived her own caregiving life and continues to thrive post-caregiving.)

And - after our stressful Sunday, this laughter is just what we all need. 


(More to follow in the next few days as we experience Epilepsy Awareness Day in Disneyland!)

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