Saturday, September 23, 2017

Be Careful What You Ask For

Unbelievably, I received a request to complete a survey about Robert’s recent stay at Gramercy Court.  A day later, I received a statement showing a past due balance for the amount I paid (and was later refunded) for Robert’s stay.

Oh boy! Corporate America – form letters will be your downfall!

I took the opportunity to send a short email to the President and CEO of Generations Healthcare which is the large corporation that owns and operates Gramercy Court.

Good afternoon, Mr. Olds,

I received a letter asking me to complete a survey about my brother's recent stay at Gramercy Court in Sacramento.  I also received a bill for a past due balance.

Obviously, there has been a huge mistake in sending me both of these items which really shouldn't surprise me given the recent, horrific experience my brother had while staying at Gramercy.  I had hoped the experience was safely tucked away in the back of mind as a nightmare never to be relived again. 

Apparently you are unaware of this but, because the experience was so horrible, I was refunded the amount I already had paid.  I do not owe anything.  Please remove this outstanding balance on my account. 

In addition, the experience my brother had while staying at Gramercy for only four days should not be experienced by anyone.  In fact, it was anything but "warm and helpful" as stated in your letter inviting me to take a survey. 

You are welcome to read about Robert's experience here and about my follow-up with the Dept of Health Licensing Division here. I'll cut to the chase: The Dept of Health found deficiencies in your facility which I hope have been corrected by now. 

Further, I hope that you do truly believe "caring for the sick, the elderly and the infirm is a special and sacred stewardship." Unfortunately, the quality of care received by my brother showed a complete disregard for basic rules of care let alone the lofty goal of "sacred stewardship."  (I am happy to send you the cringe-worthy photos of the bruising on my brother due to the lack of attention paid to him during his stay.)

You, sir, have a long way to go to realize your goals of quality care. 

I am happy to discuss this matter in more detail with you in order to help you improve the care received by others in your facilities.  As far as my brother is concerned, Generations Healthcare will not be caring for him ever again. 

Thank you for your time.