Friday, November 4, 2016

Epilepsy Awareness Month: Follow-up Interview with Tiffany Kairos

I am thrilled to have Tiffany Kairos in our space today! Tiffany was gracious enough to talk with me for our Advocating for Awareness and Answers series in November 2013 and I am grateful she is participating in the 2016 Epilepsy Awareness Month "Life with Epilepsy" follow-up interviews.

Tiffany Kairos shares her Life with Epilepsy
Tiffany and I have never met in person but getting to know her through her advocacy work, social media and these interviews has been such a delight! Tiffany is a kind, faith-driven, family-focused and strong advocate for those with epilepsy as well as those less fortunate.

She would never describe herself this way (because she is way too nice and polite to do so) but she is definitely a badass! Epilepsy, discrimination against those with epilepsy and any kind of bullying doesn’t stand a chance against this woman.

I think you will agree once you read more about Tiffany.

Robert’s Sister: I interviewed you in November 2013 and I am curious what changes have occurred in the last three years. What is the most significant change in your life since our last interview?

Since our last interview, I had much testing conducted and discovered that my type of epilepsy is Refractory Epilepsy. This gave me peace in knowing and motivation to fight back.

Robert’s Sister: Tell us about your advocacy work on behalf of those with epilepsy.

I'm the founder of the organization The Epilepsy Network (TEN), working passionately and diligently to provide education, awareness and community for all affected by epilepsy.

Robert’s Sister: What progress do you see in the treatment and research of epilepsy?

Each day, progress in the field of medicine and treatment is evolving and I am pleased to see this. I see more options becoming available for those who are running out of medicinal options or who would rather choose a more holistic route.

Robert’s Sister: What has been your favorite moment these last three years?

It's very difficult to choose just one favorite moment when there have been so many wonderful moments throughout these last three years. However, I would most likely have to say the moment I was given the opportunity to share my story on video for my church community and the world to see and having the opportunity to illuminate our town’s bridge in purple light.

(Note from Robert’s Sister: Grab the tissues and watch Tiffany’s inspirational video about her story here.)

Robert’s Sister: What do you see for yourself in the next three years?

I can't say for certain; however, I know that whatever it is, wherever we are, God will be with us and epilepsy awareness will without a doubt be involved.

Robert’s Sister: Is there anything else you want to say?

I would like to tell anyone who is affected by epilepsy in any way that some of the most challenging situations we face in our lives are in fact refining us into much stronger, braver, bolder individuals. Hold onto hope. Don't ever let go no matter how hard things get.

Robert’s Sister: Please tell us how we can contact your organization.

You can contact The Epilepsy Network at

Tiffany didn’t mention this in her interview but I am happy to share that Tiffany was chosen as a finalist in the WEGO Health Awards, Best in Show: Twitter category. Be sure to follow Tiffany on Twitter! You can find her on Facebook as well.

Tiffany is a fighter and we wish nothing but great things for her and her husband, Chris. Thank you so much, Tiffany, for sharing your advocacy work and your story!


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