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Epilepsy Awareness Month: Follow-up Interview with Connor Doran

I am so happy I was able to get a follow-up interview with Connor. He first came to my attention (and millions of others) when he made it to the top 12 of America’s Got Talent! His indoor kite-flying talents and endurance in fighting his epilepsy and dealing with being bullied made all of us admire and root for this kid.

Connor Doran
Indoor Kite Flying
Imagine my delight when I went out on a limb and asked him to participate in the 2012 Epilepsy Awareness Month interviews and he said yes! I was honored and impressed that the fame hadn’t gone to his head and he was willing to talk to some lady from Sacramento with a blog in order to help spread epilepsy awareness.

Connor is as busy as ever but took time to tell me what he has been up to the last four years and to share his life with epilepsy.

Robert’s Sister: I am curious what changes have occurred in the last four years. Please remind us how epilepsy has affected your life.

My name is Connor Doran and I have Epilepsy. I have been seizure free for the past 8 years; however, my girlfriend has seizures on a weekly basis so it is very scary for me to watch her have a seizure. I don’t have a lot of experience taking care of someone else when they are having a seizure but I am beginning to learn how to deal with someone else when they have seizures. I hope to get my first aid card.

Robert’s Sister: What is the most significant change in your life since our last interview?

Since the last time we talked I have moved to Seattle, Washington and I graduated from South Puget Sound Community College with my Associate of Arts degree. I hope to attend the University of Puget Sound in order to get my BA in Sociology so I can help other people who struggle with the same problems and are facing the same kind of discrimination that have happened to me. I have also met the love of my life who I hope to marry.

Connor and the love of his life
Robert’s Sister: Has the treatment changed for you or your loved one?

Treatment has not changed for me. My girlfriend who has Epilepsy as well just got a seizure dog back in June and we are hoping that her seizure dog will help keep her from falling and hurting herself whenever she has a seizure.

Robert’s Sister: What sort of cognitive, intellectual, emotional or physical changes have you noticed these last four years?

My cognitive, intellectual and emotional abilities have not changed since we last talked. I have built up a lot more muscle mass because I work out a lot. I say this because you can be the strongest person or smartest person in the world no matter who you are.

Robert’s Sister: What caregiving help do you use?

I am lucky enough not to need any caregiving help. I have a Smartwatch that detects if I am going to have a seizure and lets my family and friends know where I am if I have a seizure. The Smartwatch allows me to be very independent.

Robert’s Sister: Do you think your life with epilepsy has improved, stayed the same or become worse these last four years? Can you tell us why you think so?

Living with Epilepsy has stayed the same for me. It has not gotten worse and it has not gotten better. All I know is that it has given me obstacles to achieve what I want to achieve in life but that doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals and dreams and starting a life that I want. Remember you may have Epilepsy but Epilepsy doesn’t have you. 

Robert’s Sister: What has been your favorite moment these last four years? 

My favorite moment was when I graduated from college back in June. Because it gave me confidence that if I can graduate college with Epilepsy induced Anxiety than I can do whatever I want in life regardless of Epilepsy. 

Robert’s Sister: What do you see for yourself in the next four years?

My dream is for my girlfriend to move Seattle with me so we can get married and spend the rest of our lives at a luxurious house right on the Puget Sound and live happily ever after.

Robert’s Sister: Is there anything else you want to say?

Just remember, you may have Epilepsy but Epilepsy does not have you. If you can dream it you can do it.

Robert’s Sister: Please tell us how we can contact any organizations you support or if you have a website or business.

My email is connordorankite@gmail.com and my website is http://connordoran.com/.

Oh this update makes me so happy! Congratulations, Connor, on graduating with your AA and for finding the love of your life! Thank you for sharing how much can be done, even after having been bullied, having epilepsy and overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

You are an inspiration!

My one and only disappointment is that Connor has not yet introduced me to Howie Mandel! J

May all your dreams come true! 


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