Monday, October 6, 2014

Epilepsy Awareness Month: Preview

I have something very special planned for Epilepsy Awareness Month this year and I hope you are as excited as I am!

For years I have had the dream of creating a Reality Show about caregiving as well as making a Documentary about caregiving and Robert.  Sure, the Reality Show about caregiving won’t be as salacious as the Kardashians or as over-the-top as any of the Housewives shows (or so I’ve heard) but it would be real.

All I needed was a camera.

As a huge surprise this year for our anniversary, Richard bought me a camera! It isn’t a professional, filmmaker camera but it is going to do the trick to get me started.  I consider it my “training wheels” camera and I have been reading the instructions and playing around with it and filming everything in sight.

The odd thing about my dream of creating a Reality Show or Documentary is I have never made a film in my life.  I created plays when I was a kid and I was an extra in a few television shows and movies when I was in my twenties but actually making a film? It’s been a dream of mine but I have no idea why and it just won’t go away.

I don’t question my gut so I am going to do a warm-up by using the camera during Epilepsy Awareness Month.  Throughout November, Robert will tell us stories about how Epilepsy has impacted his life and will tell us a little bit about his daily routines. Richard will talk about being a co-caregiver and how having his brother-in-law with us has impacted his life. I’ll share about my day as well but I prefer the “behind the scenes” camera time.

Luckily, Robert is a ham so I’ll be lucky if I can get him to stop talking!

All of us will answer any and all questions about Epilepsy and caregiving so please use the comment section below to leave your questions or what you’d like Robert (or me and Richard) to talk about.

While I don’t have a person holding a huge microphone or a director’s chair with my name on it, I do have a camera and Robert and a lot of stories. I have also been practicing my “Quiet on the set!” and “Rolling!” directives.

(Somehow, the dogs don’t quite understand what that means yet . . .)

I hope you enjoy the series in November. Please share and help us spread Epilepsy Awareness & Education! 

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