Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I debated about posting a Happy Halloween message since it’s already 9:00 p.m. on Halloween but it is still Halloween, gosh darn it!

The Vampire and the Circus Ringmaster
Caregiving is all about routines but there are all a million reasons those routines are disrupted: appointments, illnesses, hospitalizations, declines, and even holidays!

We started with our usual routine this morning but Robert was extra sleepy and literally couldn’t keep his eyes open.  Sometimes this is an indication he is getting sick but it could be that he had a very busy week. Now that I think about it, he did have a busy week with two separate visits to two different neurologists. It was a lot of running around and answering questions, getting poked and prodded which can wear a guy out!

So by this morning, Robert was pretty tired.  I let him sleep later than usual but didn’t want him to sleep too late – after all, it was Halloween and we had parties to get ready for and costumes to put on! 

The morning routine continued, albeit a little behind schedule.  Richard offered to take Robert to Day Program so I could get to work for my own office festivities, an offer I gratefully accepted. While I finished helping Robert get ready for the day and his costume on, Richard transferred all the food we were taking to Day Program from my car to his. 
Our football players and cheerleader

Once we had our costumes on and pictures taken we piled into our cars and Richard drove Robert to program and I drove to work – both anticipating our Halloween parties planned for later in the day. 

(I wonder if the dogs had their own party before Richard made it back home!)

The evening routine was even disrupted with me unexpectedly having to work a little late and Richard handling trick or treaters and dogs and Robert by himself.  Dinner was late which pushed Robert’s bedtime routine and bedtime later than usual. 

Speaking of routines - this is Robert's third
year as a vampire!
By the time the trick or treaters stopped coming (well, by the time we turned off the porch light anyway – the universal signal that the old people in the house want to sleep), the dogs were pooped, Robert was in bed and I sat down to write a Happy Halloween message. 

Hey, there are a couple more hours before the day ends so enjoy our photos while I bask in the glory of my 2nd Place finish in the costume contest at work.

Routines are terrific and keep the caregiving wheels turning but sometimes it is fun to mix things up and step out of our routines to have a little fun!

Hope everyone had a terrific Halloween! I would love to tell Robert what costume you wore so please let me know and I will pass that along to him. 

Let the fun continue!

(Side note: I would have posted a video of showing Robert our Halloween decorations but it seems to have disappeared. If the computer gremlins return it - or I figure out where I filed it - I will post it at a later date.) 

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