Sunday, October 26, 2014

Appreciating the Goodness in People

Maybe it’s because there was yet another school shooting.

Maybe it’s because two sheriff’s deputies in our area were senselessly gunned down just a few days ago.
It is the small acts of
kindness that leave a mark
on our heart

Maybe it’s because I am sick of all the negative news about all of it: shootings, Ebola, this politician attacking that politician, terrorists – YUCK! I cannot even list all the negative things without feeling sick to my stomach.

In spite of all of this negativity in the world, I have to remind myself there are good people.  Lots of them. Yes, there are heroes who accomplish newsworthy feats but there are also people who just go about their day being kind in small ways. Or who just do a little bit extra at their job and don’t realize how much they help someone else.

They don’t make the news.  They don’t have a viral video to document what they have done. They do not get invited to appear on a national morning show. Sometimes, they aren’t thanked or are even aware of what they have done.

It doesn’t matter.  These are the people who count. These are the ones who remind us there is good in the world and we haven’t all gone mad. These are the people I want to thank because these are the ones who will teach their children how to be kind; show others by example that goodness in people exist.

I realize this is not an original thought but when a string of horrifying events occur, it is a matter of self-preservation to remind myself of the goodness in the world.

Appreciation goes to . . .
  • Rodney who delivers Robert’s monthly incontinent supplies. He wanted to be sure we got the supplies timely so made an extra effort to deliver them one evening. He called to be sure we were home then thoughtfully parked halfway down the court and whispered as he came to the house, pushing a dolly full of briefs, gloves and bed pads. He explained, “I didn’t want to disturb the boys.” Oz and Taz were none the wiser!

  • Julie, who is Robert’s epileptologist’s nurse practitioner.  Heck, Robert’s whole neurology team. They are responsive to my emails and phone calls; they genuinely listen to my concerns, questions and hesitation about any new medications. They graciously take and review my seemingly endless logs of seizures and vitals and “other symptoms.

  • The barista who remembers my drink (which says far too much about my lack of imagination and frequency of coffee runs);

  • Tanya from Robert’s Day Program who took time to tell me how much she enjoys having Robert at her program. She gushed how much she appreciates Robert’s positive attitude and his willingness to cheer up others having a hard day. Do I appreciate her because she told me good things? Absolutely not (because she’s told me when Robert was being difficult, too).  I appreciate the communication and her care for not only Robert but all of her clients. 

  • Salita, the kind hair stylist at JC Penney.  It is a mutual admiration session when Robert goes in for his haircut and mustache trim.  There are hugs and laughter and often, there are gifts. I cannot explain their connection but it is wonderful to see. 

  • Laine, a Facebook friend who lifts my spirits with her encouraging posts and knowledge about nutrition and health. We are on opposite sides of the political spectrum but I can set that aside and be grateful for the strong, supportive woman I know her to be. 

  • Pegi, Kathy, Denise, Casandra, Elissa, Lisa, Cathy, GJ, Jane, Teresa and - well I am fortunate to have so many dear friends that are too many to mention. We may have met through caregiving circumstances but I have grown to love each and every one of them because of their extreme kindness and support toward each other and us and many, many others. 

  • Carol, who has a special fondness for Robert and shows it every time she visits with him. They share a deep spiritual connection which warms my heart to see;

  • Joelle, who is not only my best friend but who works tirelessly as a foster mom to numerous dogs while also being mom to two of her own dogs (one a “foster fail.”).  

  • Richard, who may be my husband (so I might be a bit biased) but he has shown what a true friend he is by creating his own team for a Walk for Alzheimer’s to benefit our friend, Steve. Richard will be walking alone but has raised, at last count, $500 for the Alzheimer’s Organization.   

  • Rachel, who is a terrific friend to many (both human and of the animal variety), makes me laugh more than what should be legal and who gently reminds me (as only a daughter can) to care for myself as well as I care for others.

As I write this I realize how much goodness there is in my world and how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such beautiful people. I could go on and on because there are so many little things people do that leave their mark on my heart. Perhaps we need to hold those moments especially close when feeling overwhelmed by the bad news of the day (or week or month).

I would love if you added to my modest list in the comments below. I would love to read about the kindness you have encountered!

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Unknown said...

Love this post,Trish, and you. Coincidentally I started a post last week about some small yet extraordinary acts of kindness we seen from Jim s health care team recently. Will finish and post. There is so much goodness in the world, you are so right; we need to open our eyes and see that they're all around us. You deserve nothing but blessings and kindness everyday. <3