Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Can Help a Caregiver!

I have, for the most part, been out of the blogging and social media world for so long it feels as if I fell off a cliff (my worst nightmare, by the way).

At least it felt like a long time.  It must have been months, right?

Upon further examination, it turns out it’s been less than two weeks since I spent a good amount of time on either site!  (Sheesh, how did I get so addicted to Facebook and Twitter?)    

Nothing bad happened to cause my absence, thank goodness.  In fact, it was just that I had to hunker down to finish a very special project I have been working on. 

I am thrilled to share with you the publication of a new book, CareGifters Book Series: Help, A Collection of Essays by Those Who Care.  This book is full of essays and a poem from caregivers as well as a journey of one special caregiver, Kathy, who took us through the before, during and after of her respite. 

CareGifters Book Series: Help, A Collection of Essays by Those Who Care also includes art work from the First Annual Art Show.  I edited and published the book and was more than a little excited that it didn’t take me ten years to finish as it did for my own book, Forever a Caregiver. 

(That was a lot of pressure but at least my average is getting better.  .  . )

CareGifters Book Series: Help, A Collection of Essays by Those Who Care is available in PDF or hard copy and can be purchased here (the PDF is only $5!).  Aside from the excitement of finishing the project in less than ten years, I am pleased to announce the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to help a caregiver!   

Let me explain . . .

Denise M. Brown launched the website in 1996 and has helped numerous caregivers since that time.  Last year, she created the CareGifters program.  As Denise says, “As often as we can, we send $500 to help a family caregiver in need.  Because, when you ask for help, we want to be there for you.”  That’s the kind of website Denise has created – supportive, helpful, informative and educational.

We plan to publish four of these books each year, touching on different themes in caregiving.  Our next theme will be “comedy” (which may not seem like an appropriate theme for the serious business of caregiving but if you are a caregiver you know that caregiving can involve some very funny situations). 

We want to make people smile so we need your stories!  Submission details for the next CareGifters book can be found here.   I would love to see your story in the next CareGifters book (and, since I know the editor, I might be able to pull some strings).
Now I have to catch up on Facebook and Twitter – the withdrawals are killing me!


Jane said...

Boy, did we miss you on Facebook and Twitter too :o)

You did an excellent job on the book. I love the quote you used after Nicole's story.

I hope that lots of money is raised for the book.

Jane ~ mom to Nicole, 17 yo, VSD, PAH, Eisenmengers, BHJS
"You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

I missed you too, Jane! What I've also really missed is all my favorite blogs which I neglected to mention in the post(yours included). I'm so happy you like the book. I used quotes from's Facebook page and all of them seemed to fit just perfectly. Help spread the word!

Heidi Alberti & Atticus Uncensored said...

This is exciting Trish! You've been on my mind (and meant to call you this weekend since you've been mia) so I'm happy to read why you've been busy.

I love that the proceeds of the book are going to such a worthy organization. Are some of the articles your's?

Good luck with this new book!!

Heidi & Atticus
"commentary to give you paws..."

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Thanks, Heidi! I've sooo missed the Circulation Desk. It was really difficult to stay away but we had a launch deadline so I had to make sacrifices. :-) Yes, I have essays in the book which I would love for you to read. Heidi, you have so many contacts, I would appreciate it if you helped me spread the word about the book. Heck for only $5 the PDF is totally worth it and is for such a great cause. Work has let up (some) too so we need to catch up and have lunch!

Unknown said...

Sounds Great, Trish! I have been super busy too. Behind on lots of things. Been thinking of you though.

Bill Austin Howe

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Bill, I can't wait to catch up on what you've been busy with. I imagine it has something to do with all those animals you've been placing this year. You're such a kind soul to care so deeply for those animals and to find them forever homes. You're awesome!