Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just Call it a Day When Even Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies is Difficult . . .

I haven’t baked cookies in a while but, by now, I have baked a few batches in my life – it’s really not that hard. Aside from the occasional (okay, always) ability to set off the fire alarm (keep in mind, with very few actual fires), I can make a pretty tasty chocolate chip cookie.

Today, the universe really tried to conspire to stop me from making these cookies, tough! (I don’t know, maybe the universe thinks I should lay off the sugar).

While at Target stocking up on essentials like milk, bread, toilet paper and erasers (hey, Target has everything), I picked up some chocolate chips. I love Target so was just leisurely going down the isles, knowing Robert was safe at home with Hubby and was probably watching television while working on his word search puzzle.

As I was nearing the end of my list, my heart stopped. Crap! I forgot to give Robert his 2:00 p.m. medication. It is now 3:00. Oh, crap! Not only did I forget but it’s in my purse because I thought I was being brilliant to take it along with us to his haircut appointment in case we were unexpectedly delayed. Now I am an hour late giving it to him and in the middle of Target with a cart full of perishables. Crap!

My idea to call Hubby and have him use tomorrow’s 2:00 p.m. meds for today fell short because his cell phone decided not to work at that moment. Ack! I’m not far from home so make the decision to check out and rush home. Once home, I leave everything in the car, run into the house and give Robert his Depakote pill. Phew. He was in the same place I’d left him which means he probably didn’t have a seizure. Hubby was oblivious to my panic because he didn’t even know I tried to call him. Darn cell service!

Once I calm down and after making dinner, I begin to make the chocolate chip cookies. Robert already had chocolate ice cream for dessert so he is indifferent to my kitchen activity. Besides, he’s busy laughing at people bonking themselves on the head on America’s Funniest Videos.

At this point, I remember that I neglected to get the butter when I was at Target (I was so close to checking everything off my list!). Plus, I find we’re out of baking soda. Goodness. Hubby offers to run to the store which I gratefully agree to (I wouldn’t want to leave Robert and forget another dose of medication!).

Awaiting Hubby’s return, I start measuring the flour and realize the bag looks awfully familiar. I am not a fanatic about expiration dates (that’s Daughter’s department) but this bag looks so familiar it’s reminding me of past holidays. Which were a long time ago.

Expiration: October 2010. Okay, then. In the trash the bowl of flour goes.

I am certain there is another bag of flour in the pantry and I just cross my fingers this one has an expiration date in this year. (Daughter is cringing right now while reading this). Yes, December 2011. Excellent – I can use this puppy for holiday baking (maybe even New Years) as well as tonight.

By this time, (two stores later) Hubby has returned with my baking soda and butter (thanks, hon!). I have a baking-gene deficiency so can’t bake from memory but in spite of reading the directions, I mix the sugar with the flour (separate bowls, Trish, the directions say separate bowls!). I then search for the mixer which takes a ridiculous amount of time to find (and that’s before I have to find the matching beaters to fit into it!). I swear I have beaters that go to some long ago tossed mixer. Once, I actually couldn’t find our mixer and went to the store to buy a new one. That’s how frequently I use the darn mixer.

Next up, I crack two eggs into the “sugar” bowl (is it critical to mix them one at a time? Really?). Well, I can’t uncrack an egg so we’ll just see if this causes a problem.

During my fierce concentration in trying to make these cookies, Robert is having trouble working the remote to find a different show. He is asking the wrong person for remote help. I’m thinking it’s a win the tv is on at all.

Okay, the cookies are mixed and in the oven. Amazingly, I didn’t set off the smoke alarm (bonus: there wasn’t a fire). The night is on the upswing! The cookies make the house smell yummy and they turn out a little fluffier than usual but are tasty just the same.

It was a bit of a struggle but the cookies were worth it. I better not push my luck, though, and just call it a day.

Cookies anyone?


Heidi Alberti & Atticus Uncensored said...

Trish -- you are an Excellent sister and Caretaker! So, on that note, give yourself a break re: the medication! It doesn't seem that Robert suffered any for the delay.

As far as the cookies, just ignore that whole "flour in this bowl, sugar in that bowl"... it all gets mixed up eventually! You really can't mess up a chocolate chip cookie (well, unless you hear that fire alarm go off).

I can imagine the sweet, wonderful cookie smell and Robert's hearty laugh watching tv... sounds like a perfect holiday weekend.

Heidi & Atticus
"commentary to give you paws..."

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

It really was a great weekend, Heidi! Hoping you, Atticus, Wilbur and the kitty had a good one, too. :-)

bccmee said...

It could've been worse if you tried to lick the beaters while the mixer was still ON. ;)

Believe me, the cookies tasted great to anyone on the receiving end. I know appetites and homemade cookies always taste great, at least to those who didn't participate.