Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspection Time!

There is something wrong with the Care Facility system if the only time facilities are in compliance with all of the state rules and regulations is the two month window of time in which they will be inspected.
From what I can piece together, New Home is about to be inspected. Apparently, these inspections are a “surprise” although the term is used very loosely considering they’ve known it was about to happen since at least July, the inspection last year was in September and I suspect they are done at the same time every year.

Kind of like Christmas is a surprise when it rolls around December 25th every year.

The last time New Home was so clean was during the budget debates when a few legislators had selected New Home to visit (apparently to see where the government funding was going and what effect slashing funds would have on these types of facilities). A last minute switch meant the legislators didn’t pay a visit but New Home did look pretty spiffy for a few days.

With the inspection about to happen at any moment, there is no more talk amongst the aides about figuring out how to make a cheaper, homemade version of Ensure. Training on food preparation rules is the new focus and is all of a sudden being given to people hired since the last inspection (a year ago).

I suppose it’s a little like me cleaning my house from top to bottom before having guests over for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Oh, wait.  No it isn’t because I am not getting paid by the state and a regional center to take care of six disabled adults and to give them quality care, a clean house and nutritious meals.

Although my Thanksgiving Dinner is pretty awesome!

With the inspection about to happen I can probably expect New Home to have toilet paper in the house (believe it or not, they ran out a few weeks ago). I can expect New Home to have ordered the correct protective briefs for Robert so I don’t have to keep buying them (they made a mistake on his order, let him run out and then wanted him to wear his nighttime briefs all day). This was, of course, unacceptable since it takes away Robert’s independence (because he can’t pull them up and down) and puts him at risk of a UTI or skin rash.

Thank goodness for inspections.

With the inspection about to happen, New Home wants to buy Robert new clothes and a new bedspread. This is a complete unnecessary use of his money since I have bought him new clothes (new jeans, new shirts, new belt) all within the last few months. I explained the bedspread I bought for Robert and used on his bed on Day One is now lost and probably being used by someone else or stuck in a closet somewhere (even though I wrote his name on EVERYTHING). So, no, I don’t want his money used on another bedspread that will end up somewhere other than on his bed.

I’ll buy him one when he moves in to my home, thank you very much.

With the inspection about to happen, I can count on the quality of care that should be given to these residents every single day of the year.

Boy, I can’t wait to hear if our garage conversion permit is approved.


Heidi Alberti & Atticus Uncensored said...

Arg!! The insanity of it all! and some scream for "no regulation" -- you know, because every entity does the right thing... If regulations were tighter for these care homes they'd be spotless and well stocked everyday!

For Robert's sake (and your sanity!) I hope your home conversion happens quickly!

Heidi & Atticus
"commentary to give you paws..."

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even think what would happen if they didn't have inspections or the regulations were less strict! Can't wait to get Robert moved to my house so I can be confident he's being well cared for.