Thursday, September 22, 2011

Objectives for Robert; Objectives for New Home

Robert has his second ISP meeting today at New Home. This is where everyone involved in his care (nurse, house manager, supervisor of house manager, speech therapist, regional center rep and me) decide on his “objectives” for the next three months. The last one was just after he moved in to New Home last February (which I realize was more than three months ago but, after the first meeting they wait for the client’s birthday month to have the next one.).

The objectives from the February meeting and the results so far:

1. Behavior modification regarding changing his dirty clothes and putting clothes in the hamper to be washed. Robert is doing much better with this although he still insists his jeans are clean when they are not. I make sure I set out a new pair of jeans when he’s at our house or when I visit him through the week. I’m not convinced New Home does this (even though they’ve been asked).

2. He is slightly over the ideal weight so they will watch his diet and create an exercise program with staff. Robert lost some weight just from eating different food than his last place (yes, that meant new jeans for him again). Exercise program? Hmm . . . I haven’t seen any evidence of this other than when I take him shopping for new jeans (you would think I would have every possible size by now)!

3. Learn his new address and phone number. Robert did learn his address! I was very excited to hear him recite his address during a recent visit. He was pretty tickled with himself too. I don’t think he knows his phone number but he knows mine which is more useful for him.

4. Help with cooking twice a week and plan and shop for meals twice a month. I will be shocked if they tell me today that Robert has gone grocery shopping with them. Sometimes Robert does help set out everyone’s napkins and bibs which is a nice task for him. (Cooking is too big of a reach for him but I’m happy with this small amount of involvement).

My objectives at the time were for New Home to get Robert’s medication schedule correct (they finally did) and for the Regional Center to get Robert into a Day Program (which has been a complete success!).

It will be interesting to see today what they tell me as far completing these objectives (since I’m a little dubious about their reports) and what new objectives they come up with for Robert.

My new objectives for New Home are for them not to run out of things like toilet paper and protective briefs!


Margaret Duarte said...

What an awesome sister you are to Robert. I commend you for sharing your story. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own worlds, with its ups and downs, that we forget that others have it as--and more--hard than we do. You remind me to keep a smile on my face and be thankful for each and every day.

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Margaret, There's definitely always someone that has it tougher than we do. I admire Robert for his positive attitude even after going through everything he has in his life. He is an example of finding joy in the small things (like winning at cards!). I appreciate you stopping by!