Friday, April 15, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Wow, I don’t know how this happened but my blog has been given the “Stylish Blogger Award!”

(Well, I actually do know how it happened and it’s true – it’s who you know, people, it’s who you know.)

Okay, I admit it, it was bestowed upon me (with love) by my BFF at It seems a natural fit since my site discusses incontinence, skilled nursing facilities, protective briefs, emergency room visits and epileptic seizures. All very stylish topics.

Um, wait a minute. . .

Oh, never mind. I got the award and I’m passing it along to a few of my favorite blogs (per the Stylish Blogger Award rules which I’m not quite sure actually exist but enough people have repeated the rules that they do seem quite official). I also, apparently, have to divulge seven things about myself which is a little difficult since I don’t actually like talking about myself. (Odd behavior for a blogger, I know. I’ll get therapy one of these days to figure it out.) I’m the person in the conversation asking you questions. I’ve been married for almost fourteen years and my hubby doesn’t even try asking me questions any more.

However, rules are rules so here goes:

1. I’m a vegetarian. (I had to start with an easy one, okay?)

2. I cry at sappy commercials. Sad movies. Happy movies. When someone is really sweet and nice to someone else. It’s weird; probably a hormonal imbalance.

3. I never outgrew my sweet tooth. Oh my god. I do love chocolate. In any form, really – ice cream, cake, brownies (yum!), cookies. You’ll have to trust me when I tell you that I do not weigh 500 lbs. Although I have started exercising just to make sure I don’t end up that way.

4. I hate to exercise.

5. I love to play Scrabble & Foosball and am not too bad at either.

6. I wanted to be in the movies when I was younger and actually was an extra in a few movies and television shows. It was a blast!

7. I’ve always dreamed of winning an Academy Award (although this might be difficult now since I’m not actually doing anything related to the movie business). (Extra fun fact: When my girls were young and still willing to indulge their crazy mom we would dress up on Oscar night, lay red blankets on the floor to make a red carpet, and drink Sparkling Cider while watching the awards show!).

I would like to pass the Stylish Blogger Award on to the following fabulous blogs:

The Style Crone. Truly a stylish blog. This lady has style, grace and wisdom and you will be a better person just for stopping by her blog. She’s that awesome.

Living with a Thief Called Lewy Body Dementia. You will not meet a more supportive and caring wife and genuinely wonderful woman. Kathy has been caregiver of her husband living with Lewy Body Dementia since 2007. Their journey is remarkable.

Why Not Start Now. Better than therapy. This career counseling/life coach is inspirational, smart and sometimes dishes out a much needed kick in the pants but in such a sweet way you won’t even realize it!


Debbie Button said...

Congratulations on the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks for sharing about your brother, Robert. And I'll be checking out the blogs you recommended also.

I started my own blog this past Monday (4/18/11) as a result of others suggesting that I share my experiences. My son passed away in 2008 from a neuromuscular disease. If you would like to visit my blog sometime --

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Debbie, Thanks for visiting today. That's great you started a blog -- I will definitely check it out. I'm so sorry to hear about your son. Sharing experiences can be beneficial to both you and your readers. I look forward to reading your blog!