Monday, April 11, 2011

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

When Robert misses a play in our card game, I know there’s a problem.

In March, (shortly after Robert moved into the New Home) he caught a cold and I was worried it would follow its normal course (runny nose, incessant blowing of said nose, fever, worsening balance, high fever, more falls, trip to the ER, 2 – 3 week recovery).

And, no, I’m not being a drama queen, thank you very much.

For the first time in the history of Robert catching colds, the cold in March went away after a day or two of very mild symptoms. During this time, he did have a fall and a trip to the ER but the cold went away quickly and the head bump was minor.

I’m telling you, this was mild. (It’s amazing how quickly your perspective changes about the “mild” or “serious” nature of a situation once you’ve logged a few ER trips under your belt).

Tonight I walked into the New Home to Robert blowing his nose. I mean, really blowing his nose. He was more unsteady on his feet, too. Uh oh.

It’s baaaaaaaaaaack.

Robert looked flushed to me but then he told me he went to the park and ate lunch with his friends from Day Program. He ate with Mike and David (no mention of either Eric today). Okay, perhaps he got a little sun and he’s not flush with fever.

Just to be safe, I feel his hands. His cheeks. His forehead.

Robert looks at me like I have lost my mind.

Okay, no fever. Yet.

We play a game of cards and he misses a play. Dang it! I knew he was sick.

He blows his nose again.

We play another game of cards and he appears to be nodding off. I keep leaning over to look at him but he’s looking down at his cards each time and not sleeping. He lifts his head and looks at me puzzled.

What is my crazy sister doing??

We finish the card game. He missed a few more plays. I wonder if he will be lucky enough to stave off two colds in as many months.

We’ll see.

In the meantime, I mentally go through my “Robert is sick” checklist:

Call New House Manager in the morning to warn her about the cold (in case she hasn’t noticed); Remind her about his balance issues when he gets sick;

Charge my phone so I can have it with me at full power at all times;

Keep the car full of gas;

Keep slip on shoes handy in case of a call in the middle of the night;

Go through my work “to do” list (yes, I have a lot of lists) to figure out what tasks at work can be pushed to the following day in case I have to spend hours in the ER with Robert;

Keep my fingers crossed.

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