Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robert is Okay

Robert doesn’t have any side effects whatsoever from his medication mishap. Before leaving the Day Program he was surrounded by the ladies who work there and, in spite of a very stressful situation, he had them all laughing at his silly jokes. Plus, he beat me at three card games this afternoon.

Everything is obviously back to normal.

The Day Program is reviewing their medication protocols and guidelines and having meetings about the mishap. Everyone feels awful about the incident. After observing him for a while this afternoon, I called to tell them he was just fine. I certainly didn’t want them worrying all night about Robert. They care very deeply for their clients and since they have been able to use this as a learning opportunity (with virtually zero consequences) then I am grateful.

I’m back home, my fever is making a comeback and I am ready for my marathon Law & Order session.

Let’s just hope Robert doesn’t catch my cold now after he successfully fought off the beginnings of one earlier this week!

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