Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Relaxing Sick Day

I’ve been so worried about Robert getting sick that I didn’t pay attention to my own health. I half noticed a cough a few days ago, then started getting hoarse yesterday and woke up last night with a fever, cough, sore throat: full blown cold/flu. My voice is getting more non-existent by the minute which, no doubt, makes my hubby very happy.  :-)

Because of the fever, I thought I would spare the office my germs. I envisioned a day of alternating my time at the computer (with my cats sitting in front of the monitor, of course), in my comfy pants and in front of the television (with cats on either side of me) catching up on the shows I’ve recorded but never have time to see (I must have 13 Law & Orders to catch up on!).

Instead, I have been on the phone several times with the Day Program, the Neurologist and the New House Manager. Robert was accidentally given his lunch time medications twice. Oops.

So far, Robert is not exhibiting any adverse symptoms so a trip to the ER is not yet warranted. He could become very sleepy which will be hard to differentiate from his normal sleepiness but if he is difficult to wake, then we should go to the hospital. He could lose his balance more (again, he already has balance issues so the doctor advised me to not let Robert move around a lot) and he could develop breathing problems. He should be back to the New Home in just a little bit so I am going to visit him this afternoon, observe him and call his Neurologist with an updated report. He still could end up in the hospital but it’s too soon to tell right now.

Day Program is mortified that this happened and they have already taken steps to prevent this from happening again. I understand that errors can occasionally occur so appreciate them immediately notifying me of the problem and their willingness to tighten up internal protocols.

I’m leaving my comfy pants on but Law & Order will have to wait.

Off to the New Home . . .

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