Sunday, March 13, 2011

What? Me, Worry?

Dare I not worry? Before you faint at the prospect of me, the best Worrier In The Californian Hemisphere (aka, “Witch”), turning over a new leaf and throwing worry out the window, I’m only talking for an evening. Letting go for just a few hours.

I visited Robert today and he was doing just fine. I mean, there wasn’t one thing wrong. He wasn’t congested. He didn’t have a fever. He wasn’t having seizures. He was walking fairly steadily and he was in a good mood. He was even easy going when I told him I had to leave unexpectedly and only had time to play one game of cards instead of our usual three or four.

Robert is settling into the New Home faster than I am settling into him being there. He has a “job” now – opening the blinds in the morning and closing them in the evening. Look out if you’re in his way, though! He is a man on a mission.

New Home has a doctor check up on all the residents once a month. (Of course, I didn’t know this was happening before it happened – see post below on “communication” – argh!). I stop myself from sinking into frustration about the communication issues and remind myself the doctor visit is a good thing. Fortunately, Robert tells me about his days on a regular basis and I can usually piece together what actually happened.

A few days ago Robert told me, “I saw the doctor today.”

Really? Are you running a fever?

“No, I feel fine.”

Why did you see the doctor then? (Give me a clue, Robert).

“I got to go for a ride in a van with a lot of people.” (Clue #1)

Did these people work there or live there?

“Both.” (Clue #2)

“I rode in the car on the way back home.” (unnecessary info to my inquiry).

So, you and the other people that live in your house saw a doctor today for a check up and the workers went with you?


I let go of the irritation of not being notified he was going to be seen by a doctor since he was in the midst of his most recent cold. The doctor said his lungs were clear and he was fine. I confirmed this with the House Manager.

It appears the cold is under control. We might be getting somewhere with the New Home.

Maybe I will take a few hours off from worry tonight.

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