Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi, Robert!

“Hi, Trish. How are you doing?”

Great. How are you?

“I’m doing very well. And you?”

Our conversations always start the same but tonight I couldn’t go in circles with him – I wanted to get to the good stuff: Prom!

Robert, you had Prom today. How was it?

“It was really good.” Yay! He’s added a “very” and a “really” to his normal responses. He must have had a blast.

Did you wear the clothes I set out for you?

“Yes I did – No, actually I didn’t wear anything! Just joking!” Oh, Robert. You and your humor. . .

Did you have fun at the Prom?

“It was pretty nice.”

Did you dance?

“I danced a little.” My heart skipped a beat. I picture him on the dance floor moving his walker back and forth. I need details . . .

Did you dance with someone?

“Yes.” Oh, I see. I have to drag it out of him.

Was it a girl?

“Yes. Her name was Kathy and she was older than me.” Ah, an older woman.

“She asked if I would dance with her.” Ooooh. I guess it pays to be the new kid.

Then what happened?

“We voted for . . . to give them a . . . “ I helped him a little since I knew where he was going with this.

Did you vote for a King and Queen?

“Yes. And they got a crown.” What a special day for all of them! I know how much work went into planning this event. The memories created today are so wonderful for Robert and his new friends.

“I voted for Kathy and she won.” Hey, I didn’t realize he was dancing with the Prom Queen. The new guy isn’t doing so bad for himself.

Who was the King?

“Not Richard.” I’m a bit puzzled.

“I voted for Richard. Steve won.” Ah, I see. Well, we can’t always pick the winners.

Anything else happen?

“I had a special lunch.” Robert begins to giggle.

“And then I ate my regular lunch.” His giggling doesn’t stop and I start to giggle with him.

Once our giggles die down, I tell him how happy I am he had such a good time and that he is making so many new friends.

I had one more question to ask him: How many Erics are there?


Mystery solved!


Other Brother said...

You made someone very happy!

Susan Higgins said...

Robert is so sweet... what a blessing he is to the world. Thank you for sharing him with me in this post.