Sunday, January 11, 2015

Monthly Interview with Denise Brown

It is hard for me to believe my first interview with Denise Brown of was in February 2011. Since that time, I have periodically joined Denise on her Blog Talk Radio program to discuss caring for Robert and other caregiving issues and have been a monthly guest for some time now, discussing working and caregiving.
Connecting with other caregivers. Denise is
seated on the right and I am standing
behind her. This community is invaluable!

I was terrified before that first interview but have since relaxed during our talks.  Denise starts with updates about the activities happening on and then we launch into our chat which is usually sprinkled with smiles, laughter and sometimes tears.  Denise describes her show as friends gathering around the table to chat with a cup of coffee.  Denise has other guests throughout the month and it is delightful to listen to these other caregivers tell their own stories of caregiving.

Denise and I talk about the challenges of working and caregiving and since these interviews are over the phone, I have talked to Denise from the hospital parking lot before visiting Robert in the hospital, a hospital hallway while waiting to talk to doctors or my home office (and occasionally, the backyard). 

And since they take place at 7:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) and are over the phone, I am grateful I can take the calls in my pajamas, sans make-up sometimes!

This month we discussed the challenges of caregiving with my cast as well as the video series I did in November about the impact epilepsy has had on Robert.

I invite you to join us the second Saturday of each month to listen live (there’s a chat room which allows you to participate and ask questions or comment during the show) or listen to the podcast whenever it is convenient.  The shows are fun and Denise asks such great questions that I always learn something new about myself or my situation during the shows. 

Sharing the caregiving experience is helpful to all caregivers and I hope to share this experience with you!

Thank you for listening (and reading). 

The most recent show can be heard here.   

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Denise said...

Thanks so much for writing about our podcasts, Trish. I had no idea you were nervous before our first show--you always sound polished and composed. I'm so grateful you share your (early) Saturday morning with us.