Monday, September 16, 2013

Robert’s Sister Goes to the Movies: Identity Thief

It was a movie watching extravaganza one hot weekend in August.  On Saturday night, Richard and I joined Robert to watch a movie.  We had pizza and salad for dinner and gathered around the television in the family room. Robert was able to peacefully enjoy his dinner because I shielded his food from our ever-growing puppy.
Identity Thief (2013) Poster
Identity Thief (2013) Poster

Taz is getting much better about leaving us alone when we eat at the dinner table but it’s really just too much for him to handle when we eat in the family room.  Oh the smells! And everything is sooo close! Please, please, please drop something he seems to plead at Robert’s feet.

After eating a few bites of his combination pizza and doing a bit of thinking, Robert decided he wanted to watch a comedy.  Richard and I scrolled through the list of movies to rent on our television and landed on “Identity Thief.” It looked cute enough plus Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy were in it. It had the potential to be pretty darn funny. 

Early on, it seemed the concept was a bit of a stretch (woman steals man’s identity; man travels several states away to confront this woman and bring her to justice). There were several very funny scenes but just as many raunchy scenes and way too many unbelievable plot points.

The best part of the movie was that Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy were in it!  Cam (Eric Stonestreet) from Modern Family was also in it but his scene with Melissa was too over the top for me (and might be a tad embarrassing for a caregiver watching with their caree – especially if it’s their mom or dad).

The movie is aptly rated R. “Identity Thief” was released in 2013 so the price is still a bit steep for purchase ($14.99 on Amazon). I would recommend renting it instead so you’re only paying around $4.99

Robert laughed a lot during the movie since there was a lot of physical comedy. He deemed the movie “excellent” but I am only going to give it two and a half out of five scoops of Rocky Road. 

Sorry, Jason & Melissa!

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