Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Day, Another Visit to the ER

I am not making this up.

Soap opera writers are starting to call me for story ideas. I expect my evil, identical twin to show up any minute now. (Okay, that part I'm making up.)

Many thanks to Richard's brother, Jim, who spent his
afternoon in the ER with Richard
Richard normally has swelling in his lower legs. He wears compression socks to manage it and recently ordered one of those nifty compressor machines that hospitals use because we noticed his legs were getting a bit more swollen than usual.

And who doesn’t want more medical equipment in their house?

Before getting this handy new device, Richard’s legs swelled up overnight and turned a horrible color of reddish purple. Not a bad color for the walls but on legs, not so much.

Oh, then he had excruciating pain in his upper thigh.

Here’s a tip: Do not Google these symptoms. Especially don’t click on “images.”

I did and Richard’s legs (and worse) were staring at me from my screen. 

Coincidentally, he had a follow-up with his pain management doctor this morning who suggested he immediately see his primary doctor for an ultrasound.  The pain management doctor called the primary doctor who, once Richard was back home, called Richard to tell him to go to the Emergency Room which is actually five minutes from the pain management doctor. Good thing Richard had driven 20 minutes back to the house. . . 

(I don’t understand why there wasn’t a directive by the pain management doctor to go directly to the emergency room but I’m tired of trying to figure out why he does the things he does.)

The suspicion was Deep Vein Thrombosis which could have been a result of his recent hospitalization. The doctors were all almost certain he had a blood clot so he had blood work taken, x-rays done and, finally, an ultrasound.

For those counting: Richard and Robert have both been in the ICU this month and Richard can now add another visit to the ER.

Three trips and/or stays in the hospital. This month.

This equals about 3,467, 989 trips from home to work to hospitals back to home to pick up Robert and back to the hospital. 

I know there are people who have it much worse than we do and I am not trying to be ungrateful, but I can’t help but think:


Thankfully, the ultrasound did not show any signs of a blood clot.  Richard had his water pills increased and was told he had severe edema and to follow up with his primary care physician. 

Richard is home now and was well enough to play with the dogs and assist with Robert.

Which is a good thing because I am busy preparing for the exorcism . . . 

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