Monday, September 9, 2013

Robert’s Sister Goes to the Movies: Happy Feet

Before Richard was in the hospital but after my stint as a caregiving cheerleader to Robert with those pesky socks, we had a movie weekend at home.

Happy Feet (2006) Poster
Happy Feet (2006) Poster
“Identity Thief” was on the agenda for Saturday night and “Happy Feet” was our Sunday afternoon entertainment.

For someone who loves movies as much as I do I am woefully behind in my viewing of popular movies.  I mean, is there anyone besides me who hasn’t seen “Happy Feet?”

“Happy Feet” is a movie about Emperor Penguins who are pretty much required to sing if they want to find their soul mate. One young penguin, Mumble, can’t sing but, boy, can he dance!  No one appreciates this skill, though, so he is deemed an outcast and kicked out of his homeland.

Poor guy! He even falls in love with another young penguin but he i sure she won’t love him because he can’t sing. He does enjoy dancing so much he just can’t stop and teaches others his nifty moves wherever he goes. 

While on his adventure once he has been exiled, he becomes a hero with his dancing abilities.

There is a strong environmental message in the movie which isn’t a bad thing but it is a bit too heavy-handed for me.  Of course, this was released in 2006 not too many months after the largest Alaskan oil spill in history.

Maybe heavy-handed isn’t too much after all.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable with an uplifting message and lots of feel-good song and dance routines. I won’t tell you if Mumble gets the girl but you probably already know since I am no doubt the last person to have watched this movie!

Robert enjoyed this PG rated animated film as well even though he did take a short nap during it (which is pretty normal for him).  It lasts 108 minutes and would be a good, fun movie for any age, caree or their caregiver.  In fact, it might be a fun movie for grandma and grandpa to watch with their grandchildren. 

Since “Happy Feet” has been out for several years, it is going to be easy to find and cheap to purchase or rent. Amazon has a 24-hour rental for $1.99!

So pop some popcorn, download the movie and clear some floor space – because this movie is going to make your feet happy and ready to move!

We’ll give “Happy Feet” three out of five scoops of Rocky Road Ice Cream.


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