Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

We’re at the end of 2012 and there are Top Ten lists for everything (and I mean everything!).  I love those lists, although a list of “Top Ten Apologies” makes me pretty skeptical when Libyan President Mohamed el-Magariaf and Vice-President Biden are listed alongside Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame.

Really,  I think you just made my list of “Top Ten Disappointing News Outlets.”

Anyway, I love almost all lists so had the “brilliant” idea to ask Robert what he enjoyed about 2012.  I thought it would be a fun way to create our own Top Ten list to end the year and get started on 2013.

Sometimes conversations with Robert are pretty, hmm, well, short.  He’s been known to surprise me, though so I didn’t know what to expect.   

I started by asking, “What did you like about 2012?”

Robert took a bite of his Rocky Road ice cream and said, “A lot of things.” (Even though he didn’t say it, I’m pretty sure “Rocky Road Ice Cream could be at the top of his list so we’ll count that as Number 1).

Um, like what?

“Watching movies.  There’s a lot of good movies at Day Program.” (There’s Number 2)

That’s nice.  What else did you like this year?

“It was excellent.  I had a good time.” (Nothing specific but good times definitely count as Number 3)

I reminded him he was in the hospital this year (thinking this would trigger gratitude for getting better).

“I had a good time there too.”  (Not the answer I expected but I have no doubt he did have a good time!  While I was worried sick as he battled pneumonia and sepsis, he was also getting plenty of sleep, eating in bed and being visited by nurses around the clock.  Let’s count “good times in the hospital and getting better” as Number 4)

Is there anything else good about 2012?

After scanning the family room, “My walker is good too.” (Number 5 – we’ll take it)

Is that pretty much it? 


He didn’t quite make it to ten but I can think of a few more to add to his/our Top Ten List of What Made 2012 Wonderful:

6.  2012 was the year of New Home getting a terrific new House Manager!  Robert may not realize how important this is but it has eased my mind tremendously having someone there with Robert’s best interests at heart.

7.  Robert’s adaptable clothing from Buck and Buck.  He now doesn’t have to worry about buttons on any of his shirts or pajamas and I’ve even switched him to Velcro closing jeans.  After I worried he wouldn’t like the switch to a Velcro close in his jeans, he now won’t wear any other kind!

8.  Robert and I were part of an interview for the AARP produced PBS program, Inside E Street.  Robert giggled when I told him people would be asking for his autograph once he was filmed and he loved every minute of it (even though he was sick at the time and ended up in the hospital the next day!). 

9. Robert was able to visit our grandmother for the first time in years and, although the visit was much shorter than anticipated, Robert’s happiness meter was off the charts. 

10.  Robert may not have been able to meet all of the amazing, new people and fellow advocates I’ve met by advocating for Epilepsy Awareness, but I’ve told him about everyone and he knows people read about him on the computer.  He always says, “That’s nice” when I tell him about it. 

Thank you for sharing 2012 with us!  I look forward to many more moments in 2013 that will make the Top Ten next December 31.  Robert will be doing what he loves: eating Rocky Road Ice Cream and seeing the “excellent” in everything.

Have a very Happy New Year filled with many moments to make you smile. 

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Assisted Living Directory said...

Here's to an **excellent** 2013 for you and Robert. I feel like I know both of you personally...thanks for always sharing!