Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Robert Loves About Christmas

Robert Loves Christmas!
Okay, I admit, Robert isn’t the only one in the family who loves Christmas (and Thanksgiving). 
My daughter is CRAZY for Christmas (okay, yes, so am I). 
Tree #2
For years I have wanted a second, smaller tree in the corner of our family room and, fighting the “oh my god you’re going to extremes/lost your mind/are a Christmas nut case” voice in my head, we got one this year.
Having the second tree helps so we can use all the ornaments we want to use (rationalization) and gives the room more holiday cheer than just the garland over the fireplace and since Robert is the family room quite a bit, this brings the holiday cheer to him (more rationalization).
Getting into the holiday spirit, I thought it would be fun to ask Robert what his favorite part of the holiday was.  On the way to Day Program, when he usually busily works his word search puzzle, I brought up the subject.
Me: What’s your favorite part of the holidays, Robert?
“Christmas.” (He’s so literal sometimes).
Back to the word search puzzle.
Me: Well, what’s your favorite part of Christmas?
“Everyone gets gifts.” (Sweet that he is thinking of all of us getting gifts, not just him).
Back to the word search puzzle.
Me: What else?
“Word search puzzles.”  (Hmm, is he trying to tell me something?)
He continues searching for the next word in his book.
I’m relentless: I mean about Christmas.
“Everything. I love it all.”
Back to his word search.
Alright, I can take a hint (finally).  It wasn’t exactly the warm, fuzzy talk about the holidays I was expecting but who can argue with, “I love it all.”
Now I wonder what I should get him for Christmas . . .


Assisted Living Directory said...

That's a pretty funny story, and almost mimics the one I had with my son - he didn't give me the warm fuzzy take on it either. What do you love? "Everything"

I finally got out of him one specific - "legos" - that was about it.

I think if someone asked me, I would give them the same routine, but my specific would be 'sleeping in."

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Haha, David! Well, who doesn't love Legos? :-) Have a wonderful Christmas although I do plan to talk to you before then! Promise!

Assisted Living Directory said...

Sounds good! Thanks Trish! Wishing you and Robert a fantastic x-mas!