Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shh! Don’t tell! I Like to Shop on Black Friday

We’ll continue with the interviews with people affected by epilepsy for Epilepsy Awareness Month but I first want to come clean about something.  

We enjoy our silly moments!

I have to admit it: I like to shop on Black Friday.
Don’t hate me!

I am apparently in the minority since I keep hearing people talk about all those “crazy” people going out to shop on Black Friday (although there are quite a few of us out there).  I feel a little on the defensive so want to explain why my daughter and I have a tradition of shopping on Black Friday (and it’s not because we're ungrateful for what we have or greedy or ridiculously materialistic although we may have a shoe addiction do like shoes).   

I don't know what started the tradition other than maybe several years ago we thought it would be fun to shop in the dead of night. (It’s really the only time I can stay up past ten.)

Rach was in high school when we first started this night owl shopping.  She and I always love to shop together anyway so we thought this was an event made for us.  We bundled up in comfy, warm clothes, grabbed some coffee and off we went.  Over the years, shopping after the mashed potatoes, stuffing and pie have barely been put away has become a cherished tradition we both look forward to.

That and the new shoes.

I don't care about being first in line to buy a big TV (I personally think those people are nuts but don't want to judge).  I avoid big electronic stores and would never go anywhere near a Wal-Mart.  I have my standards!  

Our Black Friday shopping experience has included meeting a friendly woman shopping for her "rebel" daughter and asking Rach for perfume suggestions.  Last year we met another wonderful woman who dragged her husband out to the mall after they had a ceremony at the cemetery that morning honoring her father who had passed away the previous year on that date (a custom in her family).  We saved her place in line while she continued shopping and then she repaid the favor by letting us check out ahead of her. 

Later, when stopping for food, we met a man who was encouraging his son to go to UC Santa Cruz and asked Rach about her college experience since she was wearing her UC Davis sweatshirt.

We usually buy some modest things to give as gifts (and treat ourselves to new shoes or boots – naturally!).  We spend the day night together having a great time, laughing and being silly (more so than usual because we’re sleep deprived) and we always curse the lack of parking spots.

Last year, Rach and I decided to venture out early in the morning instead of the dead of night and my husband spent the day with Robert.  He loved that I entrusted Robert to him and Robert loved the guy time.  Rach and I had our usual amount of silliness and laughter and returned home to hide Christmas presents and to squeeze another pair of shoes in our closets – then take a nap.

Shopping on Black Friday is, for us (and most likely many others) more about another fun, family tradition and less about finding the best deal.  

But hands off those boots – I saw them first.

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