Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We Will Get to Disneyland!

Thank goodness for lifelines.

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks. Yes, I’m up for a challenge and usually have a positive attitude about things and know that I can overcome pretty much anything thrown at me but let’s get real:

The last few weeks sucked!

Robert being his excellently great self
Richard had a procedure on his back (a steroid shot into several of his lower back facet joints). Then a few days later he had to have a procedure on his lower leg veins (clipping off another valve that would randomly become a geyser). Robert started to get a cold during all this and was lethargic, congested and ran a low-grade temp which then triggered a seizure cluster. He seemed to recover for a few days then the same thing hit again, only worse.

Of course, when things like this happen all kinds of crap happens too. It’s like all the bad energy conspires to have a party. Hey! Look! They’re having a bad couple of weeks! Let’s join in the fun!

Robert’s routine dental cleaning became anything but. He has a problem with his gums so the dentist recommended a skin graft (yikes!). What are my options? A tooth extraction instead. Okay, I choose door number 2!  We scheduled it for a few days later but had to postpone it until after our trip since Robert came down with the respiratory infection.

Oh, and I practically choked on a piece of metal in a take-out salad; I banged my ankle into Robert’s wheelchair while walking through the house in the dark; we are now into the busy time at work . . . oh, you get the idea.

I am not telling you all this so you feel sorry for us but because I am sure you know what it feels like to have a pile of crap happen all at once.

You are not alone. Know that we can commiserate in our big ole crap piles together.

Next week we are going to Disneyland for Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland. It has become an annual event for Richard, Robert and I and surgeries, respiratory illnesses, bad gums nor nearly breaking my ankle will stop us from going again this year.

Everyone is going to be healthy even if I have to will it to happen myself!

Robert seemed better for a few days once we started him on antibiotics but now the congestion is back in full force. His last dose of the antibiotics will be on Saturday and we leave the following Tuesday. We are pulling out all the stops to get him cleared out:

  1. Hot Sprite;
  2.  Hot chicken & noodle soup;
  3.  Humidifier (with eucalyptus oil);
  4.  Vick’s Vapo-rub;
  5. Acapella vibratory therapy;
  6.  Lots of fluids;

Robert had been going to Day Program once he felt better but we decided to keep him home today. Richard was the smart one to suggest it. I am so busy willing Robert to get better that I was pushing him to stick to his routine. (Yeah, even after he threw up last night a few times from so much congestion and, obviously, didn’t get enough sleep).

YOU WILL GET BETTER! (Hey, Jedi mind tricks do work sometimes.)

Thankfully, I have a husband with a bit more common sense than I do. We also have our Wonder Woman pulmonary nurse practitioner, Lana, who has been my lifeline while Robert is sick. I suspect she will hear from me again today or tomorrow. I am so grateful for her too!

Robert may be sick but he was very surprised when Richard told him he would stay home from program today. “Oh?” he says in his most surprised voice. Robert doesn’t even realize he is sick because, of course, he feels “excellently great!” (That’s his new, expanded version of “excellent.”)

Okay, Robert. Let’s keep being excellently great for at least ten more days!  We are going to Disneyland and going to have an excellent time!

We may need a little help from our friends so if you wouldn’t mind sending Robert some excellently great, healthy mojo we would all appreciate it!

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