Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Caregiving Calendar

What better way to end a Caregiving Progressing Holiday Blog Party than with a gift? 

2015 Caregiving Calendar
Pegi Foulkrod and I have created a 2015 Caregiving Calendar pairing Pegi’s artwork with words of comfort from Denise M. Brown, of

Pegi’s artwork absolutely takes my breath away.  It is poignant, wistful and delicate and touches me deeply.  Denise has been giving her readers words of comfort for years and they can also be found in three books which I highly recommend.  You can purchase one or all three here (I suppose you could buy just two but go for them all!).  Denise’s comforts always seem to fit just what people need, when they need it.  She’s talented that way! 

I wanted to combine these two talents and since I love calendars and they make a terrific holiday gift (hint, hint), we have created a gorgeous calendar with lovely pictures and comforts for all year! 

And, because it is the season of giving and generosity, Pegi and I are donating half of the price of the calendar to (Cost to produce the calendar is more than that but we wanted to keep the price down and to give as much as we could!)

This beautiful calendar sells for $15 per calendar.

Quantities are limited so get your order in fast! (I always wanted to say that.)  J

Purchase the calendar through my PayPal (click on the button below) and either direct message or email me your address.  I will ship the calendars as soon as I have them which should be within a week.  I’m hoping the postal service cooperates and I can get calendars shipped out in time to give for Christmas gifts!

Wishing everyone a happy and delightful holiday season!

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