Sunday, September 7, 2014

Robert’s Birthday Fun

Robert turned 49 years old on Saturday, September 6.  Woohoo! Happy Birthday, Robert!

Richard took a birthday cake to program when he dropped off Robert on Friday morning. I had forgotten to tell program that we were doing this but they know me by now and are not going to turn away cake! 

I wondered all day how the party went so after work on Friday, I asked Robert about it.  He’s a man of few words so the conversation went a little like this:

How was program today?
Robert (smiling): It was EXCELLENT.

Did you have your birthday party?

Robert (smiling): Yes, we did!

How was the party?

Robert (with a huge smile): It was GREAT!

Did everyone sing happy birthday to you?

Robert (grinning from ear to ear): Yes, they did!

Did you guys eat cake?

Robert (still smiling): Yes, we did!

Was it good?

Robert (still smiling): It was DELICIOUS!

I think he was happy!

We let Robert sleep in a little bit on Saturday since I knew he would be up late with his family birthday party happening later in the day.  Once he woke up, Richard and I told him happy birthday! Robert responded with a “thank you” and “today is my actual birthday.”

Yes it is!

Richard and I spent the day cleaning the house and running errands to get everything ready for the family party. Robert relaxed watching Family Feud and working on his word search books.  Every now and then, Robert would tell us, “Today is my birthday!”  

We responded, “Yes, it is! Happy birthday, Robert!”

Robert was so excited about his birthday that he must have repeated this 20 times throughout the day. 

By chance, I saw San Francisco 49er football plates and napkins at the store and since Robert loves the 49ers, I thought we’d have a 49er themed party.  Richard saw them and immediately made a connection of Robert turning 49 and having a 49er party! Sounds good to me and Robert loved it!

Eventually, it was time for the party and Robert (who usually gets cranky with a lot of noise) didn’t fuss about turning off the television or having a lot of commotion. He seemed to enjoy having a lot of people talking and laughing and even gave the dogs pets when they wandered by (yes, even Taz!).

We had four dogs and nine people, sometimes all in our tiny kitchen! The laughs were just what this house needed after months of worry and decline and mood swings. (Robert’s mood has improved greatly since his medications were adjusted and he is able to walk again. It’s amazing what a difference attitude makes in everything!)

Richard grilled corn on the cob and cheeseburgers - real ones for Robert and most of our guests and veggie burgers for us and Rachel. 

Robert read all the cards after dinner and opened his gifts. He even won $15 on a lottery ticket he got as a present! Chocolate cake and Rocky Road ice cream came next and Robert was in heaven (and will be for a while because we have a lot of cake and ice cream left over!). 

Fitting for the 49er themed party, Other Brother gave Robert a 49er cap to match his own. It was delightful to see the two of them together in matching caps!

The day was also the 17th anniversary of me and Richard which just added to the enjoyment of the day. 

After these last few difficult months, I am grateful for the gathering of our family for lots of laughs and a wonderful celebration. Even though health problems persist with Robert and Carol and Richard, I was able to appreciate how healthy they are right at this moment and enjoy the magic of the day. 

Happy birthday, Robert!


David B. said...

Happy birthday Robert!
I'll try to ignore the fact that you are a SF fan!
David (from Assisted Living Directory)

Joy Walker said...

I've nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award!

Trish Hughes Kreis said...


Don't tell me you're a Broncos fan! :-) Thanks for the bday wishes for Robert. We both appreciate it!


Trish Hughes Kreis said...


Wow! Thank you so much! I'm very honored to have been nominated. I don't know what to say except thank you!!