Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You’ve Got Mail!

Robert loves to get mail. 

The first inkling I had of this is when I took over his care and realized he had several magazine subscriptions paid through the next century (and that’s only a slight over-statement).  
Robert happily reading his mail

Magazines about hunting, fishing, celebrities, wild animals and architecture covered his coffee table (and bookcases and couch and floor . . .). The only logical explanation is he loves to get mail (and obviously has hoarding tendencies).

When he lived at New Home, several people asked for his address so they could send him a Christmas card.  He saved these in a pile on top of his dresser through the holiday season and Valentine’s Day and Easter and summer . . . and into the next holiday season. (They are now in a box with a few other things he wanted to save.)  

The mail he gets at my house is from Social Security, SSI (as in, “Hi! You owe us money!”) and doctor’s offices. I open that mail since I am his representative payee and take care of his medical appointments and finances.

The Saturday mail was delivered and there was an envelope addressed to Robert from Other Brother. I had one too but I was expecting it and knew it was business-related. I assumed Robert’s envelope was a copy of that letter (for whatever reason) so opened the envelope.

Yes, I committed a federal offense in opening Robert’s mail (shhh! Don’t tell!)

I saw immediately it was a personal letter so folded it back up and placed it back in the envelope. (Well, okay, I read it - hey, how could I help it?)  Robert was coming out of the bathroom and once he sat down and was settled, I handed him the envelope.

You got a letter.


Yep. It’s from Rich.

Robert slowly took the letter out of the envelope and carefully unfolded it. (He didn't question why the envelope was already opened.)  He put on his reading glasses and looked at the envelope, back at the letter.

Robert looked up at me with a huge grin on his face: “It’s from my brother Rich.”

Why, yes, it is.  Isn’t that pretty neat? (I was tempted to clarify that Rich was my brother, too, but bit my tongue.)

“It’s excellent!”

I watched as Robert read the letter, smiling throughout.  Rich told him about watching old home movies and seeing a dress Robert had bought for Rich’s daughter for her first birthday.  Robert giggled when Rich told him how cute Jessica looked in the dress and told me, “That’s good she looked cute.”

Robert continued to read and chuckled some more. He looked up and told me that Rich likes Rocky Road ice cream too, but only eats it every two months!

“I like Rocky Road ice cream.”

I think he wanted to make sure I didn’t get any crazy ideas about giving him ice cream only every couple of months so made sure to remind me he likes Rocky Road ice cream.

When he finished reading the letter he looked up at me with a big grin, chuckled a bit, and said, “That was nice.”

He then carefully folded the letter back up and tucked it back inside the envelope and set it on his table.

Where it will stay for as long as he’d like.

Now that is pretty excellent.

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