Sunday, June 30, 2013

We're “Going” to the Movies!

I love movies! When I was younger I really wanted to be an actress and even had opportunities to be an extra in movies being filmed in our city.  It was such fun watching the process, being involved in the process, the multiple takes, the energy of the production and just everything about it. 

Watching a really good movie is just as exciting and if I had my druthers, I would stick around to the very last credit just to honor every single person who worked on the movie.  (Staying to the end is always dependent on how many people are trying to climb past me to get out, who I am seeing the movie with and whether it was a long movie and I have to use the restroom.)

It’s complicated.

Français : Replicas of Academy Award statuette...
Replicas of Academy Award statuette in a gift store
in Hollywood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My dad loved going to the movies too. Seeing a movie together was usually the most enjoyable times we had together.  I didn’t have to muster up patience to listen to his conspiracy theories or about his latest escapades that involved choices he was making in his life (most of which I didn’t agree with).  We could watch a movie together and then talk about the impact it had on us and what we liked and didn’t like about the movie.  We mostly enjoyed the same type of movies: action or thought-provoking or inspiring.  I cannot watch horror or gory movies so we avoided those. 

We liked movies so much we both decided we wanted to see every Academy Award winning Best Picture movie.  Dad saw a lot of movies but we didn’t even come close to polishing off the list of 85 movies (those who know me have no doubt in their minds that I have a spreadsheet listing these movies). 

Seeing all of the Best Picture winners is still on my Bucket List but so is seeing other movies that are meaningful, powerful or just pure escapism.  I’m not really a movie snob but I do have one rule:

BE QUIET!  Please don’t talk during a movie (whether at home or in the theater – even during previews)!

Now that Robert lives with us it is a little more difficult to go out to the movies.  Robert has mobility issues plus he doesn’t usually have much warning when he needs to use the restroom. It makes being able to watch a movie without interruption a little challenging.

Richard and I have decided to watch movies at home (we’re on a documentary kick right now) and I hope to check off a few more Best Picture movies from my list.  I also want to watch a movie or two with Robert if I can ever tear him away from Jeopardy or his new favorite show, Family Feud (admittedly, that show is addicting for some reason).

Caregivers and their carees need entertainment and many times it needs to be cheap! It’s not easy to take a family to the movie theater with the expense of tickets, popcorn and drinks.  I sneak in water or soda (shh! Don’t tell!) but I’ve yet to try sneaking in popcorn.

Watching movies on DVD or through Netflix is a great option for caregivers and their carees.  It’s home-based, the snacks are cheaper and mobility problems are no longer a consideration.  Since availability of family restrooms is always a consideration of mine, the bathroom at home is close, available and the movie can be paused if needed!

I think it would be fun to review movies that caregivers can watch at home with (or without) their caree for either free or fairly cheap as well as the occasional first release movies in the theater.

Watch this space (or for the occasional movie review!  I’m not a professional reviewer but I do love the movies and will give a “regular person” review of the movies. 

I look forward to “going” to the movies with all of you!

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