Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Epilepsy Awareness Month: What Epilepsy Means To Me

Epilepsy Awareness Month begins TOMORROW!  Robert and I do our best to spread awareness and education about epilepsy every month but November is special because it’s official.

Robert on Epilepsy Awareness Day
Last year, Robert’s Sister posted 30 Facts in 30 Days.  Whew – it was whirlwind of research and writing and posting on Facebook and tweeting (fyi, I think I may be addicted to Twitter.  It’s a problem). J

Along with the facts, we met a few “Faces of Epilepsy” which continued our “Awareness Month” into December (that's me - spreading awareness unofficially).  

Here it is November again and I am really excited about the 2012 Epilepsy Awareness Month.  I even hear a drumroll in my head (or maybe it’s the neighbor kid practicing for band). 

Robert’s Sister is going to attempt 30 Interviews in 30 Days!  Ack!  I don't know if I can do it but I'll certainly try.  So far, there will be interviews with people who live with epilepsy every day.  There will be interviews with people who run non-profit organizations to help those with epilepsy.  There will be interviews with people who have a friend or relative with epilepsy.  There’s even an interview for you dog lovers out there – someone whose dog has epilepsy. 

The people who agreed to be interviewed all have a unique story to tell with one unifying theme: epilepsy has affected their lives in some way.  I greatly appreciate the time these people have taken out of their busy lives to tell me what epilepsy means to them so others can hear their story and not feel alone and I’m sure you will too!

There’s still time to be interviewed!  If you are interested, please contact me at  There can’t be too many stories to tell and if we go into December, I’m fine with that too!  Awareness isn’t just for November.  (Plus, I really want to meet my goal of one interview a day! Help!).

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter using @Robertssister1 so you don’t miss out on these terrific, honest and sometimes gut-wrenching interviews.

Because sharing stories, advocating for Robert and educating about epilepsy is What Epilepsy Means To Me.  (Hey, I might even interview myself!).

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