Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thoughts on Aurora

I don’t know that I can contribute much on the tragedy that happened in Aurora, Colorado.  I just know I can’t stop thinking about it. 

One man, clearly not in his right mind, changed the lives of the people in that theater (and beyond) forever.  Even if someone was lucky enough not to be injured, the sounds, the fear, the horror of that night is imprinted on their soul.

How many of us have excitedly gone to a midnight showing of a movie we have longed to see?  Planning with our loved ones and our friends to see whatever movie has captured our attention at the moment. Standing in line with others just as excited (when reasonable people should be in bed), buying over-priced, artery-clogging popcorn (have you ever put that butter in a cup by itself – gross!) and picking just the right seat (or taking what we can get if we’re a little late).

Not to intentionally date myself but I have thoroughly enjoyed my share of midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (um, yeah, I was a toddler).  

How many have let their teenagers go to the theater in the middle of the night because they and a group of their friends wanted to see the latest Harry Potter or Twilight movie? 

It’s such a normal thing to do.  

It’s innocent.

It should be safe.

It rattles our foundation when something as routine as seeing a movie is suddenly a risk. 

I’m pretty risk adverse.  I don’t jump out of airplanes.  I don’t go mountain climbing.  I buckle my seat belt whenever I am in a car and I drive the speed limit (well, most of the time). 

The riskiest thing I do is eat popcorn at the movies.

There’s not much I can think to do to make the people affected by this senseless tragedy feel better but I want to do something. 

All I can suggest we each do something nice for someone – a stranger, family member, loved one, co-worker – anyone.  Maybe our small acts of kindness can snowball so they will help counteract the violence and tragedy in the world.

It won’t help the people of Aurora directly but I hope these acts of kindness reach them at least indirectly and they know how much the world is keeping them in their thoughts. 

One man who had lost his humanity should not keep us from ours.

I realize this is naïve but couldn’t the world use a little bit more innocence? 

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