Friday, March 30, 2012

Dreaming Big, Just for Fun . . .

What would you do with $640 million?

At 1 in 175.7 million, the odds of winning the lottery are ridiculously astronomical. (By comparison, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies released their long-awaited “Epilepsy Across the Spectrum” report to the nation and estimates “approximately 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their lives”).

Ahh, but someone has to win the jackpot and because I lean toward optimistic with a healthy dose of delusional, I bought a lottery ticket (or 20).

Because I also like to be prepared, I’m planning what to do with that astounding amount of money.

After the initial “everyone gets a new car/house/boat” euphoria wears off, bills have been paid and college tuition has been set aside for future generations, it would be time to set up a non-profit or two.

I would love to open a facility (eventually going national) for the disabled where they could live and receive individualized levels of care. We would not try to fit everyone into the same plan – individuals need actual individualized plans. Everyone is unique and we will celebrate that!

There would be a bustling activities center onsite with a variety of activities to please anyone (run by my favorite Day Program director, of course).  I would definitely put Robert in charge of teaching the residents how to win at card games!

The Day Program would also be available for people to come just for the day, giving caregivers a break. Heck, we’ll even provide the transportation (it’s a dream so let’s dream big!).

We would provide the opportunity for respite visits for longer periods of time because caregivers need a chance to recharge in order to continue to stay healthy themselves and take care of their loved one.

The facility would err on the side of being overstaffed if needed so there would be enough staff to give full attention and exceptional care to the residents and guests. We would create a positive work environment in order to keep caregiver/employee burn-out at bay. (We would expect exceptional employees in return).

The facility would be both a compassionate employer and a top-ranked, sought after provider of care for the disabled.

Because friends and family have such a love of animals (which have been shown to provide positive emotional benefits to just about everyone whether disabled, elderly or not), the facility would be animal friendly!

The last piece of this dream is that since the state would get a windfall in tax revenue, I would make a request the tax money be used to help replenish the recent cuts made to social service programs.

Let's have some fun and fantasize about winning this huge jackpot.  What will you do with your winnings? We’re dreaming big – please share what you would do with your winnings!


Kathy Lowrey said...

Ohhh I know EXACTLY what I would do!

I would build my dream Hospice House.
It would be a home setting for up to 4 people at a time.
4 is the number I feel I could give the best of me to without feeling stretched out.
I would not charge them to stay with me because finances should not be a constant concern in a persons last days.
I would hire aids and a full time nurse and a house keeper because I tend to let things slide at times.

Everyone would have their own large private room that would accommodate a guest. The rooms would have french doors that open out onto a wrap around porch so even if one is bed bound, we could take bed and all outside.

Rooms would be connected to the living area and not down a separate hall away from "the family".

The grounds would be handicapped accessible with raised garden spots (for those that wish to play in the dirt) and a gazebo.

A place to live out your last days in peace and with dignity knowing you are loved.
A bridge from your earthly home to your heavenly home :)

That's what I would do :)

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Wow, Kathy! You haven't thought about this much, have you? :-) I so love your idea. I love how it is so specific and know that somehow you will make this happen. You already are providing a place for your Hubby to live in peace and with dignity above all else. You're amazing!

Employee Questionnaire said...

In any organization there are small small things which we can look into... and they will give big results...

Sample Questionnaire said...

The facility would be both a compassionate employer and a top-ranked, sought after provider of care for the disabled.