Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Robert's Sister!

Confession:  After Robert woke up from his nap this afternoon and ate some candy from his stocking, I asked him to finish his last Christmas card.
No more Christmas cards! Please!
Yes, I know today is Christmas.

Robert was so close to having them done last Sunday.  So close!  He was down to two more to go when we had to leave to make it on time to a Christmas program at church.  Robert would have agreed to pretty much anything since I was actually taking him to church instead of making him watch it on television. 
He agreed to finish them in the car (big mistake and my apologies to cousin Adam if Robert’s handwriting is a bit difficult to read – bumpy roads combined with my driving aren’t very conducive to easy writing in the car).    

We got to the church before he could finish the second one so it stayed in my purse until Robert came over again this weekend.   Even I didn’t think it would be okay for him to finish the last one during the church program (plus, the lights were out most of the time . . .).

So, yes, on Christmas, Robert finished his last card.  I actually may have him do a few more just to get a head start on next year!   (Okay, I kid). 

I am grateful the cards are finished but I’m also grateful for a Christmas season filled with love, happiness, family and friends.  There has been so much laughter with our daughter who helped with the Christmas lights and assisted with shopping.  I am grateful for our other daughter for being a wiz in the kitchen and supplying us with delicious treats (and giving me a reason to join a gym in 2012!).  Both are busy with work and school and their own friends but find the time to be with family.  Our son seems to have turned a new leaf since he realizes he’ll be leaving for boot camp in 5 weeks and is (gasp) actually fun to be around (and seems to  be more on board with making good decisions).  Hubby and I have been enjoying working as a team in our usual Christmas roles (I shop; he wraps – we do make a great team!) and Robert hasn’t been in the hospital for quite some time due to illness or falls (knock on wood).   

I am grateful Hubby’s family, Robert and all the kids joined us today for a Christmas morning filled with laughter and way too many breakfast treats.  Other Brother and his family are visiting tomorrow so the Christmas fun and treats will continue for another day.  

(I definitely need to join a gym or invest in more sweat pants.)

I hope your Christmas was as delightful as ours.  Just one word of advice: take it from me, you may want to get started on your Christmas cards tomorrow . . .


Unknown said...

Another wonderful post, Trish. You make us all feel like members of your family.
Over time, I feel like I know and understand Robert so well. I would love to shake his hand one day. His struggles are an inspiration and your commitment to him is all the more remarkable because of the many other commitments you have. I am inspired by you both.
As you know, Jon has a seizure disorder which is quite severe. He has lost all of his short term memory so I have to repeat myself many many times before he can retain even simple information. He will often take something out of the freezer to defrost for dinner. Then, forgetting that he took something out, he will take out something else. If I don't watch it carefully, I end up having to cook several things at once so they don't spoil. That is just the tip of the iceberg, but I have learned to use postit notes all over the place to remind him to check with me before he does almost anything. It can be frustrating at times but I try to remember that he would help me (and does) if I need help. Patience is a virtue and I have learned to be patient over our many years together.
I would love for you to share your posts with Austin's Bloggers. It's up to you but I think the people who visit the group would love to know you and Robert. I have a number of published writers who don't blog but they read everything. There are also a lot of people who just like to read the posts.
Bill Austin Howe

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Bill, I so appreciate your comments and encouraging me to post more in Austin's Bloggers. I don't always post in the group (sometimes I get busy and other times I wonder if the post would have universal appeal). I'll be sure to post more in 2012. I have to be more patient too -- I understand how frustrating it is to repeat things over and over. Robert is also somewhat OCD and HAS to do things in a certain order -- no amount of pleading frome me will get him to hurry his routine tasks (even if a doctor appt looms). I wish the best for you and Jon and am happy we found each other so we can share caregiving stories as well as support when the seizures hit. Have a wonderful day and wish Jon the best too. (Hugs to Roxy & Charlie, too!).