Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is it Christmas Yet?!

It better not be – Robert isn't done with his Christmas cards yet!  (Um, mine are “in the mail.”) 

One thing we do have finished: our decorations (which is no small feat).  Our tree, despite a rockystart, looks very festive and is just waiting for presents to be wrapped and put around it (still on our list).  Indoor decorations can be checked off the list (as soon as I unpack those kitchen boxes).  Every inch of the house is covered with garland or snowmen or candles or countdown calendars (holiday bonus – the decorations do a fantastic job of covering up the dust).
The finishing touches were put on the outside decorations yesterday (I love crossing things off my list!).  Aside from needing a permit to display thousands of lights (I kid – a little garage conversion humor), the lights went up fairly smoothly aside from many of them not working this year and having to make numerous runs to the local Holiday Decorations/Cat Food store (otherwise known as Target).

Yes, we made another trip to Target yesterday before we could finish. . .
But they are finished!!  (Unless I find something else at Target too cute to pass up).  Hmm, I may have a problem.  Is there Christmas Decorating Rehab?

Well, before I am “cured” of decorating too much, enjoy the video of our outside décor. (If I knew what I was doing in taking videos, I’d add a bit of holiday music and maybe Photoshop some snow into the picture but since I don’t you will have to imagine “Frosty the Snowman” playing in the background and a blanket of snow on our green, Northern California, grass.)

I’d love to hear what your holiday passion is – is it decorating?  Baking?  Wrapping?  Will I be seeing you in Christmas Decorating Rehab in January?  No matter your holiday passion, enjoy the last week (or two) of the holiday season! 


Anonymous said...


Pretty nice!...If you lived here in ND, you wouldn't have to Photoshop any snow...:-):-)...Altho, we are having a fantastic December this year. I think it's almost 40 degrees out today...Banana Belt Weather for ND this time of year.

No Christmas Rehab for me this year. I down sized everything this year. Altho, in years past, I spent my fair share of time in therapy for going all out with the decorating. My motto these days, " SIMPLFY, SIMPLFY, SIMPLFY"..because what goes up, must come down...UGH!...and it never, ever goes back the same way it came out...LOL...:-)...thinking this kind of thinking is "age related"...:-)

Have a Great California Christmas!...:-)


Other Brother said...

Nice job with the decorations! Much better than our display. Can't wait to see it live.

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Other Brother, Live is even better than the video! Can't wait for you to see it either (although you'll have to stay until dark to get the full effect). :-)

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Linda, Wow, 40 degrees this time of year in ND is pretty unusual! I have to agree about taking the decorations down -- that's the tough part. Every year I think that I'll simplify (as I'm rewrapping a thousand ornaments) but then I go nuts again once that memory has faded. It's a problem. :-)