Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Am I up to the Challenge?

My regular readers are probably wondering what the heck has gotten into me since I’ve been posting every single day this week! Other Brother most likely can’t keep up (but I know he will eventually because he’s a good brother like that), Hubby is wondering when we might be able to spend a few minutes together and my lunch break consists of madly trying to cram in reading other blogs (a requirement of the Challenge) and figuring out what to write each day (if only that led to dropping a few pounds!).

Sheesh, even my cats are wondering why I won’t share the computer screen with them as much any longer (my cats love to take over my desk when I write).

What’s behind all this insanity? I have committed to take part in a 7 Day Blogging Challenge! Can I write something every single day? I wasn’t sure but wanted to give it a try. Before accepting the Challenge, I expressed my doubts to Hubby and Daughter and they looked at me like I was crazy (for some reason they think I am never at a loss for words).

I really want to complete this (not just for the fabulous prizes) but to prove to myself that I can. The only dilemma, like everyone else, is I can’t let go of my other commitments. I still work; I still visit Robert; I still want to spend time with my family and I have to tend to those pesky other things like eating and sleeping!

This actually sounds a lot like a problem faced daily by caregivers, not just those of us accepting a new commitment to blog every day for a week. Caregivers accept a challenge to take care of a loved one every day and still cram in all the “normal” stuff – many times it’s raising a family and working as well as caring for a family member! And they do it without seeing an end in sight or the possibility of winning great prizes.

Caregivers accept the Challenge every day and I am in awe of the strength shown by all of the caregivers I know.

I could go on but I have a deadline to meet!

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