Sunday, October 25, 2015

Respite Weekend: Declared a Success!

Getting to respite was not easy but let’s not focus on that.  (You can read about that on Tuesday.)

Today we are jumping for joy because respite weekend happened and it was a resounding success!

Sure, my plans for respite looked like this in my head:

See a couple of movies;
Go out to eat several times;
Sleep in;
Catch up on writing;
Work on the caregiving book I am creating with some caregiving friends;
Submit two articles;
Redesign/refresh the blog;
Fully clean the house;
Unpack all the rest of our moving boxes;
Reorganize my closet;
Go shopping for new boots;
Catch up with Other Brother;
Finish organizing our trip to Disneyland for Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland;
Do my nails;
Get a massage;

What my weekend actually looked like:

Saw one movie (The Martian – amazing, funny, heartwarming and worth it!);
Ate dinner out (or brought it in) every night. Ate leftovers during the day;
Woke up at the usual time because my cat is used to eating at that time and is, well, persistent;
Did some writing (you’re reading it);
Worked on the book (yay);
Updated a small section of the blog. Okay, I revised my blog list on my blog. It counts;
Swept two rooms of the house;
Watched Richard move the full boxes from the living room to the garage;
Organized one corner of my closet. Okay, it’s a very tiny corner. Oh, alright. It was just organizing my unmentionables;
Thought about shopping for boots. (A lot);
Thought about Other Brother. (Not as much as the boots);
Bought t-shirts for Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland;
I think I did a load of laundry;
Oops, forgot about my nails;
Got a massage (90 minutes long! Someone is spoil-ed!)

Richard and I even held hands walking to dinner and the movie! We never get to do that since one of us is always pushing a wheelchair.

Yep.  It was a success!

I admit, I was a little worried about Robert and I didn’t intend to call to check up on him but I did.  I was slightly worried about him since he still has a cough, he is “due” for a seizure cluster and he also has what looks like a boil on his shoulder which I haven’t taken him to the doctor for yet. 

(Do you know why I haven’t yet taken him in?  Confession! Because I was worried it might interfere with respite. Bad sister! But seriously, I didn’t want to add any medications to the list and knew this was not a life-threatening skin problem. Don’t worry - he will see a doctor about it next week if it hasn’t cleared up.)

Robert was enjoying lunch when I called and had slept in until noon.  Sounds like he is having an excellent weekend! 

I pick Robert up in the morning and am excited to hear all about his weekend. 

I feel refreshed and happy with what I did accomplish this weekend, the time spent with Richard and the ability to just turn off the medication alarms on my phone.  Even if my cat wouldn’t allow me to sleep in, it was nice not to be tied to the medication schedule.

Yes, success!

I wonder if the shoe store is still open . . .

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