Monday, February 10, 2014

Coffee with a Caregiver

Did someone say coffee?

It started with a caregiver friend keeping another caregiver company while she stays with her husband who is a patient in a hospice facility. 

The only unusual part of that friendship is that one lives in California and the other in Arkansas so “keeping company” was through texting, Facebook, sharing their hearts and a few laughs.

California Caregiver (G-J) wanted to do something different to connect with Arkansas Caregiver (Kathy), so decided to share a cup of coffee with her (a picture of it anyway – with a special note).

Kathy shared hers back – again with a note.

Then another caregiver (in Florida) shared his coffee and a note.

California Caregivers Richard and Trish (who have never missed an opportunity to be caffeinated) joined in.

A hashtag (#coffeewithacaregiver) was added and pictures were shared on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and whatever other Social Media tools caregivers use. 

More caregivers joined in from Florida to California and Denise of, based in Chicago, shared the pictures and designated Friday, February 14, 10:00 a.m. ET as #coffeewithacaregiver day!

Please have coffee with us anytime you would like to have #coffeewithacaregiver but also join us on Friday morning by sharing your picture of coffee with a note to another caregiver (or all caregivers). 

Whether taking a caree to a doctor’s appointment, rushing them to the hospital, making them dinner, calling to check on them or sitting with a loved one in their final moments, no one has to go through caregiving alone. 

Let’s go through it together.

Let’s have coffee together. 


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