Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Night Fun

Friday nights have always been special for me.  It is the end of the work week and time to relax! When my daughter, Rachel, was little she and I would find something fun to do (usually go to a movie or watch a television show) on Friday nights. When I married Richard, his daughter, Caitlynn, joined us for the Friday night fun.
Friday Night at IHOP
Richard has a younger son, Christopher, and they watched their own shows or, if we were at the movie theater, they would often times see a different movie than us. We’d meet up for popcorn and treats beforehand and they would play video games if their movie got out first.  We didn’t do this every week but often enough to make my heart happy thinking about it now that the kids are grown and out of the house.

With the kids grown and having their own Friday night fun (note to kids: hopefully not too much fun!), Richard and I developed our own Friday night routine – date night! We usually go to a movie – sometimes even dinner and if we were really going all out, we’d have frozen yogurt afterwards.  


Friday nights have evolved again now that Robert is living with us.  Richard and I don’t have an aide to help us yet so the three of us have continued the family tradition of Friday Night Fun.

The three of us have had some fun going out to dinner or getting take-out when the week has proven to be too tiring for all of us.  Sometimes Rachel joins us (when she’s not out having too much fun with her friends). 

I wasn’t sure what Robert would think about eating foods different than his usual fare of cheeseburgers and pasta but he has tried Mexican food and even Thai! Of course, we’ve also enjoyed the old standby of waffles at IHOP (I mean, those are hard to pass up!). Robert wanted steak one night (probably because he’s on to us that we’re feeding him veggie cheeseburgers) so we went to Brookfield’s which has a variety of foods on their menu – steak for Robert and vegetarian options for us.

Everyone was happy!

The only issue we have encountered is Robert still wants his Rocky Road ice cream when we get home.  Most of the time by the time we get home it is already past his bedtime and sometimes we have even had dessert already!  (If I get my way, it’s usually frozen yogurt). With the big meal he just ate, Robert doesn’t need ice cream on top of it but sometimes I’ll let him have a little bit. Just a little. 

My saying “no” to Robert’s daily routine of Rocky Road has been met with about as much enthusiasm as you might expect from him. Luckily for me, he doesn’t notice when I downsize his portions.

It’s a start.

Just like our Friday night routines have evolved through the years, I am confident Robert’s routine of ice cream every night will evolve.  Maybe not easily or willingly, but I am confident we’ll get there.

Let’s just leave my frozen yogurt out of this . . .

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