Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Know It's a Bad Day When . . .

. . . your Girl Scout cookies are conspiring against you.

(I am not making this up.)

My day was in a slump anyway due to a bad morning at work.  We all have them and it seems as if things pile on from there.  It actually started before I even got to work this morning.

The puppy decided he had to go to the bathroom at 1:30 in the morning.  Then saw it was raining and said, "oops, nevermind. Let's go back in."

Oh no you don't, little one.

Walking outside barefoot (I couldn't find my slippers, socks or shoes - hey, it's the middle of the night), I picked him up and set him on the grass.  He finally realized I wasn't going to let him in the house until he did his business so he did and we went inside and dried us both off (I forgot to grab my coat on the way out, too).

Snuggled back in bed (me, the puppy, Hubby and our adult Lab - we need a bigger bed!), I awoke at 4:00 a.m. to Hubby getting up to stretch his back.  Puppy jumped up to see what exciting thing Hubby was doing and scrambled off the bed, using my face as leverage to push off.  Adult lab decided he could stretch out in the now open space, disregarding my need for any leg room.  Finally, I just got out of bed at 5:30.

It's early but I saw it as an opportunity to get a jump start on the day.  Hubby made me a mocha which took the sting out of the lack of sleep (now if I could only find concealer that worked well enough to hide my dark circles!)

I got to work early and caught up on a few projects but had some issues with one ongoing, increasingly frustrating project which I couldn't shake the rest of the day.  Ugh! I tried to tell myself it was a bad morning, not a bad day.  Maybe it was a bad moment, even!  I compromised on many bad moments in the morning.  Which, of course, I had to relive all day. (Bad plan, in case you're wondering).

Thank You Cookies for the floor
I decided to hit up my stash of Girl Scout cookies for a boost.  I have a box of Samoas (or whatever they're called now) and a box of "Thank You" cookies - shortbread with chocolate on one side and a big "Thank You" inscribed on the other.  Yes, that's what I need!  A Thank You cookie!  Thank You to me!

Somehow I must have let that bad energy from my bad moments creep back in and the next thing I know, the Thank You cookies are sprawled out on the floor -- on the nasty, walked on, probably never wiped down, carpet protector floor mat under my desk chair.  Even I wouldn't apply the 10 second rule in this case. 

My Thank You cookies were toast. 

Should I take this as a sign to save myself the calories? 

Heck no!

I opened up the brand new box of Samoas/whatever-they're-now-called cookies. 

Where's my missing cookie?
It's bad enough they changed the name of my favorite cookie (okay, it's a close tie with the Thin Mints) but the boxes seem to get smaller every year and the prices seem to go up too.  My negativity today knows no bounds.

This time, I opened the new box to discover one cookie missing!  What?  I didn't believe this was even possible and started to imagine a scenario of some poor Girl Scout Cookie Factory worker who missed her break and was hungry and had to eat something before she fainted.  (Where is the Giant Girl Scout Cookie Factory anyway?)  I double checked the box to see if this missing cookie had just fallen out of its slot but it was truly missing.  Someone at the factory ate my cookie because she was going to faint. Or because they are so delicious - it has to be one of the two!

This sure seems to be a sign that I need to save myself the calories and maybe even call it a day.


I decided I needed to eat a few of the Samoas/Whatever-they're-called before they end up on the floor.  

Hmm, they are as delicious as I remember when they were just Samoas!

Now I can see a little clearer and think of the positives of the day instead of focusing on a few bad moments.  I may not have gotten enough sleep or had the best day at work or even had the best luck with my Girl Scout cookies but I did have puppy time, a sweet gesture from my Hubby, a delightful lunch with my daughter and can look forward to more time at home with the animals (and Hubby).

It's really just all about the moments.

But the cookies don't hurt, either.


Rachel said...

We need to find that Giant Girl Scout Cookie Factory! This post made me laugh out loud. At least your bad moment made for an entertaining story!

Trish Hughes Kreis said...

Happy to have made you laugh! Now - off to hunt for that Giant Girl Scout Cookie Factory! :-)