Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive!

When New Home told me they no longer had television I wondered how Robert was going to fulfill his spiritual needs. Robert is in the habit of watching sermons on television and will actually watch a couple of hours’ worth on Sunday morning if he has the opportunity. He always wears a white dress shirt on Sunday, keeps his Bible close to him along with a pad of paper and pen so he can write down each verse referenced in the sermon. Robert does this whether he is watching a sermon on television, in person or at a funeral. He has several pads of paper filled with Bible verse references.

Sometimes I can get too caught up in the antics of New Home and end up being a little down in the dumps or extremely frustrated with them. New Home promised weeks ago to reinstate television and I keep hearing “it’ll be any day now” but nothing seems to be happening. The residents are still watching the same movies over and over again (luckily, the DVD player works). Robert had a few movies of his own that he shared with the others. Still, how many times can you watch Annie?

This latest problem of not having television is less of a problem now thanks to the generosity of a few churches.

At a recent meeting with New Home, it was suggested that churches might be willing to donate a DVD of their sermons to Robert. Excellent idea! I researched several of the big name churches who broadcast on Sunday to see if they had an avenue to request a donation of a DVD or just had an email address listed on their website. A few churches didn’t have a person to email directly but had a form to complete in order to ask a question or make a request. Many of these links didn’t work which was a little startling. (Hopefully, someone who is in dire straights doesn’t decide to email these particular churches. “I’m so sorry but God’s internet isn’t working right now!”).

To those I could get through to, I requested a DVD of a sermon and promised a mention on my blog if they were willing to donate the DVD to Robert. I explained his situation and asked for whatever they could send. One church turned me down and instead asked me for a donation.

Not letting this discourage me, I sent off a few more emails. Two churches responded positively and have already sent a few gifts to Robert! The Joel Osteen Ministries of Lakewood Church in Texas, sent Robert a DVD entitled, “You are an Overcomer.” Boy, isn’t that the truth! I told Robert he was sent a DVD but haven’t given it to him yet. He gave his standard understated response of “That’s nice” when I told him about it. He may not be able to ooze enthusiasm but he will watch it intently (and probably several times), Bible beside him with notepad in hand.

InTouch Ministries also generously sent Robert two CDs with sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley. When Robert visits us, he watches Dr. Stanley’s program so will really appreciate having these CDs to listen to.

New Home may be on week 4 and counting of trying to get their television back on but while they move at a snail’s pace to get the necessary approvals and wait for the cable guy, a few churches have come to Robert’s rescue and made him very happy. For that, I am extremely grateful!

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